Which is the better choice for your vehicle painting needs, matte or pearlescent paint? Matte paint is a kind
of painting choice applied on vehicles, which is not shinny but having a somewhat flat or dull surface.
Pearlescent paint is a type of paint which replaces metal particles with mica (often referred as ceramic
crystals) that reflects light. Pearlescent paints split light into various colors and functions by letting light in
and decelerating it down when it passes through.

Matte and pearlescent paints are painting choices commonly applied by most vehicle owners. However,
these two kinds of paints have varying features that distinguish them, and also possess both pros and cons.
The following matte versus pearlescent paint comparison will help you know between these two kinds of
painting alternatives, which is the better choice for your vehicle painting needs:

Matte Verses Pearlescent Paint

Advantages of Using Matte Paint on your Vehicle

*Matte Paint is a Durable Paint Alternative
Matte paint once used on a vehicle can stand the taste of time and service the user for many years provided
the place it is applied on is maintained accordingly. If you utilize genuine matte paints on your vehicle, the
painting will remain or stay in great condition as long as it is cleaned and maintained accordingly.

*It is an Ideal Long-Term Paint Alternative in Harsh Climates
Matte paint applied on vehicle surfaces cannot easily collect scratches, swirls as well as other imperfections.
If the matte finish paint in your vehicle encounters scratches or any other kind of damage, you can always
repaint the car and get a brand new paint finishing that is glittering and enhancing the appearance of your

Merits of Using a Pearlescent Paint on your Vehicle

The prime merit of utilizing pearlescent paint finish on your car is that it will make your car look super cool.
Pearlescent is a kind of paint which conceals minor blemishes in a more appropriate manner than the
standard auto paint finishes. Once you apply pearlescent paint on your car, the color shade will appear as
though it has changed when looking it from a different angle. This kind of paint offers an illusion of
illuminated and shaded places depending on the quantity of light it acquires.

What Makes Pearlescent and Matte Unique and More Desirable Auto Paint Alternatives?

Matte paint can offer a vehicle a shine which doesn’t change appearance once viewed from different
perspectives. The hue of this paint appears the same despite how you view it. Vehicles with matte paint
finishing have a surface acting the same as tiny mirror dots evenly spread on the aspect of the cars. This is a
mechanism which makes such vehicles become shiny and glittering always.

The particles resulting from pearlescent paint give vehicles lesser of a shine but more in terms of a glow.
This feature makes the vehicle appear soft, yet crisp at the same period.

Bottom Line

It is vital you compare the characteristics of matte versus pearlescent paint before you decide between the
two which alternative is better for your vehicle painting needs. However, with these two paint options,
whichever you apply on your vehicle, be assured you will encounter several benefits from it