Are you planning to hire an auto repair service provider and therefore hunting for tricks which can help you
secure a reputable one with top-notch services that will match your vehicle repair expectations? If so, this
article will give you the top five questions to ask your auto body repair shop so that you can be certain your
vehicle repair needs will be handled accordingly. If you are a greenhorn in matters related to hiring an auto
repair service, chances are that you might end up dealing with an automobile repair firm that is
inexperienced and having solutions that can make your car encounter more damages than good.

If your vehicle was damaged recently in an accident, your first step should be to take it to your local based
auto repair service in order for it to be fixed. Your insurance firm might have a recommended auto repair
shop or you might have an auto repair service you prefer, whatever the choice you select is up to you.

However, if you cooperate with an inexperienced auto repair service shop, you might get poor-quality repair
solutions that will only end up costing you more and even lead to additional downtime for your vehicle. It is
vital the auto body repair service provider you entrust with your damaged vehicle needs is one assuring you
with not only top-notch solutions, but also very dependable terms of service. The following are some of the
questions to ask your auto body repair shop before you entrust them with you vehicle repair project:

Top Five Questions to Ask Your Auto body Repair Shop

1. Do you Offer a Warranty for Vehicle Repair?
Any reputable auto repair shop should always provide its client with a written warranty. You should ask the
auto body you opt to entrust with your vehicle repair needs if they provide a warranty. In case they offer,
ensure they tell you what it covers as well as the period it lasts. The minimum warranty for repairs should
cater for the repair work, paint job and parts for one year.

2. Is your Auto body Shop Bonded?
It is ideal the auto repair shop you choose is insured. By being insured, you are sure that in case you suffer
from damages or loss arising from the errors of the auto repair service you collaborate with, you will get

3. Is your Auto Repair Business Licensed?
If you vehicle is damaged and hence looking for an auto repair shop, the one you consider should be licensed
in order to ensure your car needs will be accomplished by a legitimate business. By an auto repair shop
being licensed, it means you will be dealing with a company that is genuine and authorized to offer auto
repair solutions by the government.

4. What is the Approximate Time Period you will Require to Repair My Vehicle?
The auto repair shop you intend to hire should offer a reasonable estimate of the time period they will take to
fix your vehicle. The autobody repair service provider you consider employing should be one assuring you
with great repair solutions in a quick and very safe way.

5. Are you Having Experience with My Type of Vehicle or Repairs?
You might own a classic vehicle, rare model, or foreign car. This can pose a challenge to auto body repair
service providers which are not familiarized with your vehicle and can cause also issues when you require
ordering replacement parts. The auto repair shop you consider should be the one which is acquainted with
your vehicle model.

Bottom Line

If your car is involved in an accident, the aforementioned questions will help you secure an auto body repair
service provider with solutions that suit your vehicle repair needs perfectly. Ensure you use these questions
when necessary so that you can locate an auto repair shop which will restore your damaged vehicle parts
accordingly in a quick and effective manner.