Questions to Ask Your Auto Body Shop Before Taking Your Car In

When auto body work is necessary for your vehicle, whether from an accident or wear and tear, it’s important to go to a qualified mechanic for help. Whether you need extensive work or just something simple, asking a few questions to the shop before hiring them can make all the difference. After all, their answers will reflect their ability to do the work and whether or not they’re up for the job. Below are a few examples of questions that will only take a few minutes to ask and reward you with some useful information.

1. Have You Done This Before?

Whether you need to have a bumper replaced or you’re looking to have a dent repaired, it’s crucial to make sure the mechanic you’re working with has experience with that job in particular. Additionally, they should have experience with your make and model in particular as well. Even the most experienced mechanics have weaknesses, but usually, there will be at least one person working in the shop who can take care of the work you need to have done.

2. Can I Get an Estimate?

Most mechanics are glad to provide estimates, so why not ask ahead of time? However, do keep in mind that the price can change depending on any additional damage that’s found while the repairs are being done.

3. Will My Car Look Like New?

What many car owners don’t realize is that their vehicle may not come out looking how they anticipated. This is especially true for those who have special paint colors, as those can be difficult to match for most auto shops. To avoid a nightmare situation, it’s important to ask your auto body shop what your car should look like when it’s done being worked on. For the vast majority of car owners, their investments should come out looking like they just rolled off the lot.

4. What are Your Credentials?

Most mechanics will be glad to say what they are certified in, how long they have been on the job, and any specialties they offer. They should also explain if they have experience working with your model and type of body work that you need to have done. If a mechanic doesn’t want to give you this information, then they may not have the expertise that you’re after.

5. Do You Offer a Warranty?

With auto body work, in particular, a written warranty can give you security and peace of mind. If this is offered, it’s important to ask details such as how long it’s effective for and what it covers. A one-year minimum should be expected for body work, with 2 years being a great offer.

Learning More Before Handing Over the Keys

Taking your car into an auto body shop can fill you with fear as you wonder how much the bill will be and if your car will turn out how you want it. By asking the questions above, that stress can be somewhat relieved. The answers you receive will tell you much more about what to expect with everything from the price to the process. With that, you can feel confident handing your keys over.

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