Are you planning to purchase a front wheel drive car soon and hence hunting for information that will improve your knowledge and understanding about such kind of vehicle? If so, these exceptional facts about front wheel drive offered in this review will prove crucial with your different needs.

A front wheel drive car is a kind of vehicle that gets better traction since its engine and transmission weight are over the forepart wheels. This kind of vehicle has an excellent traction in rain and snow and hence it is much safer to drive such cars when compared with their counterpart rear wheel drive.

What is Front Wheel Drive?

A FWD i.e. front wheel drive refers to a kind of transmission and engine arrangement utilized in motor vehicles. With a front wheel drive, the engine is only meant to drive the forepart wheels. Most modern FWD vehicles are featuring a transverse engine instead of the usual layout commonly found in four wheel drive and rear wheel drive vehicles.

How to tell if Your Vehicle is Front Wheel Drive

*Checking the Engine

The location of your car engine can enable you know if you are having a front wheel drive vehicle or not. If your car’s engine is located in the front and it has belts which face on its one side, chances are higher that it is a front wheel drive.

Some of the other factors you can use to determine if your car is front wheel drive include:

*Searching the car online

*Checking the owner’s manual

Pros of Front Wheel Drive

#1: More Affordable

A vehicle having front wheel drive generally is inexpensive. The production process of a front wheel drive car is simpler and such a vehicle has fewer parts. These factors and others contribute to lowering significantly the cost of front wheel drive.

#2: More Mileage

FWD is lighter than all wheel drive and rear wheel drive; a factor that has a direct effect on the mileage of such a car. Given similar specifications or features, a FWD car will undoubtedly encounter more mileage than rear will drive as well as all wheel drive.

#3: A Good Option for Driving in Bad Weather

Front wheel drive vehicles are not only suited for poor weather conditions, but also for difficult terrains. The forefront heavy design of a FWD assists the vehicle to get a superior grip making it better suited for rain and snow.

Cons of FWD

#1: Lacking Weight

Shifting Mechanism Since front wheel drive lacks a weight shifting mechanism, the acceleration of such cars can be restricted. However, this is an issue encountered only in extreme conditions.

Bottom Line

As you have seen, though having a front wheel vehicle will make you reap several pros, it carries a few cons as well. However, this is not an issue to be worried about if you opt to buy a FWD car since all kinds of drives possess their share of merits and demerits. Make sure you purchase a front wheel drive vehicle when the need arises so that you can encounter the various merits associated with such type of drive.