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With a lot of traditional jobs falling by the wayside and newly available, non-traditional jobs appearing with regularity, many youths and even career changers may have auto body repair jobs far from their minds. But depending on your goals and inclinations, a career in auto body repair and its related disciplines can be a sound consideration.

The auto repair industry is unique in that an economic downturn can actually spur business. Because car owners will tend to defer buying new cars, the older cars will get to see more independent repair shops, body and mechanical, to keep them running smoothly and on the road.

You don’t need a lot of imagination to realize that these older cars need more care than the much newer ones. With millions of cars and trucks on the road, logic dictates that these vehicles will sooner or later require mechanical, electrical or auto body repair. What this means for people interested in a job in the auto repair industry is that there will be jobs available. In fact, demand for collision repair technicians is predicted to grow at a rate two per cent higher than average, compared to other occupations. And this increased employment will be found not in automotive dealerships but it dedicated auto body repair shops.

As in any other industry, old, experienced hands will move out due to retirement and replacements will have to be found. But with today’s cars being made up of sophisticated technologies, traditional skill sets are not an assured path for getting a job. Like it or not, anybody wanting to repair cars has to involve his or herself in a training program that will teach important skills in electronics, powertrains and body repair.

If you think that today’s crashed cars can be heated and hammered to make them roadworthy once again, think again. Today’s exotic alloys and composites demand a knowledge well beyond welding and hammering. But such knowledge is available to anyone willing to update themselves on the latest automotive technologies. Armed with the proper certifications, a job seeker should not find it too difficult to find employment that is both financially and professionally rewarding.

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