Insider Tips: How to Keep Your Car Looking New

For most car owners, a trip to the auto body shop is inevitable. Whether for a quick tune-up or for repairs after an accident, most people associate this with money lost out of their pocket. While regular checkups are important, did you know there are ways to work towards keeping your car looking new? The tips below are straight from auto body mechanics who know what it takes to maintain a properly working vehicle.

1. Take Care of Small Scratches and Bumps Quickly

Small scratches and bumps on the exterior of your car might not sound like a big deal. However, these should be repaired quickly because this can lead to rust and eventual deterioration. Additionally, this can contribute to paint chipping off and the need to re-paint your entire vehicle.

2. Condition Leather

If you have leather inside of your vehicle, using conditioners on a regular basis is important. This will help prevent tearing and minimize wear, especially during extreme temperatures. Most car washes will do this when having your vehicle detailed, which means not having to do it yourself if you don’t have time.

3. Don’t Skip Car Washes

Washing your car’s exterior isn’t only great because it makes your car look better. It’s also crucial for helping to minimize wear and tear from dirt, mud, minerals in the rain, and other outdoor elements. While you don’t have to wash your car every day, it should be something you try to do every couple of weeks. Waxing the exterior will provide an additional layer of protection for your paint job.

4. Don’t Ignore Lights

Has your “check engine” light been on for a couple of weeks but nothing has happened? It’s important to never ignore lights like these, as they could be warnings that something is wrong. Having the light checked as quickly as possible can mean preventing damage and avoiding major expenses in the future.

5. Schedule Regular Maintenance

A lot of car owners skip regular maintenance because they don’t think it’s necessary. Unfortunately, this can result in the breakdown or deterioration of the engine and other parts in the car. It’s best to schedule regular maintenance with a certified mechanic to avoid problems with the efficiency of your car.

6. Avoid Driving in Bad Weather

When possible, try to avoid driving in the snow or rain. Both the snow and rain (and salt that’s used on the road for ice), are incredibly damaging to vehicles, especially if the minerals left over from them aren’t washed away within the next few days. Avoiding driving also minimizes the chance of getting into an accident because of bad road conditions.

How Does Your Car Look?

Keeping your car looking like new isn’t impossible or even as difficult as you may think. It simply requires a little bit of time, care, and attention to detail. Fortunately, this can pay off with an auto that looks beautiful and stays in great shape for many years to come. With the amount you pay to invest in this, why not take great care of it? By doing so, you may save quite a bit of money and keep the body of your car in the best shape possible.

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