Professional Auto Bodywork

You got a ding, someone hit your bumper or you had a full-fledged fender bender, now what? Well, you could try and live with it, your cousin may know someone who’s “amazing” at getting out dents or bite the bullet and go to an auto body repair shop. Daunting choices, I know. So, why go to a professional if it doesn’t require too much work or effort? Wouldn’t you be better off just getting it done quickly and cheaply? What could possibly be an advantage to going to a possibly pricey auto body shop? This is where professional auto bodywork can be an intelligent choice.

In one word: Experience.

Between you and your cousin’s amazing friend, you probably have very little experience in auto body repair. But, it’s just a dent, so what’s the big deal? Well, here’s the deal:

  • Auto body professionals are educated: They’ve spent years in school and years on the job. They know what’s “just a ding” compared to something more serious. They also know the best way to get that ding out that won’t affect the look of the car.
  • Shops work on schedules: Yes, you bring your car in, it’s done in a reasonable amount of time, and you’re off. Again, they’re professionals who work on cars as well as their own reputation, so chances are they will want to keep you happy.
  • Guarantees: Most work is guaranteed. Again, their reputation is riding along with your car so they tend to warrantee their work. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the work, they’ll most likely do it again.
  • Insurance: If, for any reason, your insurance company has to be involved then they will want someone they have approved doing the work. Insurance companies will want to make sure it’s done right and by a professional.
  • Reputation is very important when you’re spending a lot of money to have a repair done. Do your homework, ask some people you trust, check the Better Business Bureau and check around to see if the shop is well-liked.