Keeping your vehicle rust- free will not only aid in preventing it from encountering serious damage, but also in maintaining its appearance as well as value. It is vital you make a habit of utilizing the services of an automotive repair shop as part of your vehicle maintenance routine if you want your car to be in good state always and hence serve you for many years. Here are some facts you need to know about car rust which can prove crucial with your car maintenance needs.

What is Car Rust?

Car rust refers to a reddish, brown, scabrous layer of iron oxide which normally forms through the process of oxidation on the steel or iron of vehicles, especially when the vehicle is exposed to moisture.

Factors that Cause Car Rust


The closer your place of residence is near to the ocean or any other place with salt water, the more likely your vehicle will be associated with the effects of rust. Salt water is corrosive to any metal and hence once it comes into contact with your car, it will definitely speed up the process of rusting in its metal parts.


If you are living in an area having a climatic condition in form of harsh winters, your vehicle’s chances of rusting will be very high. Harsh winters can make roads become slippery and end up making the underbody of your car to rust faster than expected.

How to Avoid Your Car Rusting

Tip#1: Washing Your Car Regularly  

While dirt settling on your car’s body part on itself cannot cause rusting, it can easily damage the protective layer of paint and clear coat. This can make it much easy for rust to make its way in your car’s body part. It is vital you regularly wash the exterior and the undercarriage of your vehicle, including its wheels in your attempt to protect your vehicle from rusting.

Tip#2: Monitoring Frequently Your Car’s Paint Job 

If the clear coat applied on your car begin flaking off or its paint starts to peel or chip, this indicates the paint work is damaged. Clear coat and paint are crucial for protecting a car against rust. It is important you seek for the services of an automotive repair shop any time you realize the paint job of your vehicle is damaged so as to prevent your car from experiencing the effects of rust.

Tip#3: Waxing Your Car 

In your attempt to prevent your car from rusting, make sure it undergoes waxing at least two times every year. Wax will make your paint look new and hence improve the lifespan of the protective barrier.

Tip#4: Keeping the Interior Clean 

There are many scenarios that can expose the interior of your car to rusting. For instance, spilling a drink on your car’s interior and not mopping it immediately can make the liquid make its way via the carpet of the vehicle’s floor and finally come into contact with metal. This and other factors can expose your car to chances for rust.  Always clean the interior of your vehicle frequently in order to avoid experiencing the unpleasant effects of rust.

Bottom Line

Make sure you put these tips about how to protect your car from rusting in to test so that you can benefit from everything they provide.