Are you heading over to a Mechanic? Are you confused about how should you proceed? We will make the entire task easy for you. Instead of going into the technical jargon of your automobile, there are a few simple questions which you can ask your mechanic. The answers to these questions will not only provide you with ample information but also help you choose the right mechanic. We will share Top 5 Things to Ask Your Mechanic to make an informed decision. It will make the task of repairing your automobile easy.

Question 1: Are you certified?

When choosing a certified mechanic, you will have complete peace of mind. You can be sure that the mechanic will follow standard procedures to repair your automobile. Moreover, a certified mechanic will be credible, as well. You should choose an ASE certified mechanic. ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence. Additionally, you can also ask them if their garage is AAA certified. AAA stands for Approved Auto Repair. You can check such garages online before heading over to your nearest one. These two checks alone will help you choose the right mechanic.

Question 2: What is the problem with my car, and what are the repair options?

These two questions often go hand-in-hand. You first have to ask the mechanic regarding the problem in your car. Subsequently, you have to ask them about the options which you have. Any knowledgeable mechanic will explain to you the same. Not all automobile problems can get solved in a single day. Hence; it is always better to ask about multiple repair options available. Doing so can help you choose an affordable and long-last option.

Question 3: Can you give a written estimate?

You are often susceptible to being overcharged if you do not ask for an estimate in advance. A much better alternative rather than asking for a verbal estimate is to ask for a written estimate. You have to ask the mechanic in advance if they provide a written estimate or not. Ideally, if you want to avoid any probability of being overcharged, you should go with the mechanics that provide a written estimate.

In fact, some states like California require the mechanics to provide you with a mandatory written estimate. That is why; instead of shying away from asking this question, it is one of the most important questions you should ask your mechanic.

Question 4: What is your warranty policy?

Warranty involves two different aspects. The first one is the parts warranty and the second is the labor warranty. You have to inquire about both of them. For example, if a part needs replacement, you have to ask regarding the warranty policy of that part. You have to gain information regarding the number of days for which the warranty is valid. You have to inquire about the course of action that will be taken if the part develops a snag within this period.

Similarly, if there is any labor work needed, you have to ask for the warranty of the same. It is known as the service warranty. Only once you are clear about these warranties, you can proceed with the repair work.

Question 5: What will be the turnaround time?

Lastly, one of the important questions which you should ask is the turnaround time. While the repair work might require just a couple of hours, but the mechanic might not do it right away. So, you should inquire about the turnaround time. We are overly dependent on our automobiles these days, and that is why it is imperative to know how soon your car will be ready.

So, if you’re confused about getting your automobile repaired, these are the five questions that can help you out. When you ask these five questions, it will be easy for you to not only choose the right mechanic but get your car repaired in no time. You can make the entire process seamless for you once you get answers to these five questions.