With the introduction of fall weather comes the task of seasonal car maintenance. This is especially important as the temperature drops, as it’s when the needs of your car are most likely to change. Fortunately by getting this necessary car care done before winter hits, you’ll be helping to ensure you’re not stuck doing last-minute maintenance when it’s needed the most. Some of the most important car care tips to keep in mind as autumn approaches include:

Inspect Your Lights

Take a look at your headlights and taillights to make sure they all work properly and shine bright. If necessary, you may need to clean the lights or have the bulbs replaced in order to safely see as the days get darker earlier.

Look at the Tires

If there’s not a lot of tread on tires or the pressure on them is low, then it’s essentially to have them professionally looked at. Your vehicle may require tire balances, rotation, or replacement in order to ensure you will drive safely on all types of surfaces through the fall and winter.

Check Windshield Wipers

One of the most important parts of getting your vehicle ready for fall is making sure you can handle the rain or snow storms that often come with cooler weather. If your blades do not wipe moisture away effectively, replace them as soon as possible to help prevent a decrease in visibility while you’re driving.

Have the Engine Professionally Checked

Problems with the engine can get much worse in colder temperatures, which why it’s always recommended to have a professional mechanic run diagnostics on your engine at the end of the summer.

Invest in De-Icer

De-icer can help prevent moisture in your fuel line from freezing and causing major damage to your vehicle. Just one bottle in your tank per month is enough to help keep your car running well in any type of weather.

Inspect the Power on the Battery

Have an auto body shop check your battery to see what type of shape it’s in. The last thing you want is to be stranded with a dead battery when it’s cold out, and by doing this you can help to prevent that situation from happening.

Get an Oil Change

Having an oil change before autumn can be beneficial for the health of your car or truck. Multi-grade viscosity oil is one of the best types to use as the temperature drops because it’s thicker and flows more slowly.