With the advancements of technology today, it’s easy to see why consumers demand more from the vehicles they drive than ever before. After all, not only does some of this technology make driving safer, it also makes it more enjoyable. What features in particular would you like to see in your next vehicle? Those that many consumers feel should be made standard in all vehicles include:

– Built-In NavigationWith phone use being illegal while driving in most states throughout the United States, it’s easy to see why built-in navigation is so important. It helps make driving safer while ensuring you can get to your destination in the most efficient manner possible.

– Backup Camera

In March 2014 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put a law in place to make backup cameras mandatory in all vehicles by 2018. This is due to the fact that these cameras help save lives by providing the driver with a more accurate view of what’s behind their vehicle.

– Blind Spot Monitoring

These monitors alarm you when a vehicle goes into one of your blind spots with a gentle noise or light on the outside mirror. With this, you’ll be less likely to travel in a lane with a vehicle that’s in an area that you can’t see.

– Flat Tire Monitoring

To prevent you from dangerously driving around on a low or empty tire, the flat tire monitor light will come on. This works by monitoring tire pressure so you know when you need to repair or refill one on your car.

– WiFi

Not everyone has generous data plans attached to their phones, making WiFi a hot commodity. By having this inside of your vehicle, you can connect to WiFi and enjoy using navigation, music, and any other feature you’d like without having to worry about data overages.

– Apps

Built-in apps such as Pandora and Google Maps, make it possible to drive in comfort without having to constantly monitor your phone. What’s even better is that there are game, movie, and entertainment apps that are useful for entertaining kids or adults who have screens in the backseat.

– Integrated Windshield Display

Although not yet a reality, some car manufacturers have began experimenting with windshields that have screens seamlessly integrated into them. This means you’ll be able to see directions, mph, and other details along with the real-time road in front of you.

– Gesture Controls

Rather than pressing buttons and turning dials, there is technology that allows you to control features of your vehicle with the simple gesture of the hand. Some vehicles, Audis in particular, already have this, although further enhancements can make it an even more useful part of the driving experience.