Let’s face it, fading and oxidation can happen to a car’s paint job. The paint on our cars are sensitive to sunlight and heat. But there are ways to reduce the sun damage from those hot summer rays.

Park in the Shade

Yes, this is obvious, but still needs to be said. Any chance you can get to park indoors or under a protective structure such as a carport is a good thing, not just for sun damage but other forms of damage as well.

Wash Frequently

Removing the dirt and grime from your car as often as you can is very helpful and the first step in sun damage prevention. Keeping that prize vehicle of yours clean and dry is the first line of defense. Also, washing your car with the right tools can make a huge difference. In a pinch we utilize the drive-through carwash, but using a soft cotton cloth and the appropriate cleaning products is always the best way to go.

Wax Your Car

Washing frequently is good. Waxing on a regular basis is even better. It provides that extra layer of protection to your vehicle giving you a leg up on the battle.

Purchase Paint Protection

This step is a financial one but one that you should seriously consider if you are thinking about keeping your car in the best condition possible for the longest period of time. Paint protection is in essence a film that is put over the paint. You can imagine how helpful this would be. A paint protection film can be put on by yourself or by a professional and it is a smart investment.

So, in this hot month of August, with the sun beating down, consider your car’s paint job and giving it a little TLC. Your car with thank you for it!