Between solid versus metallic paint, which is the best option to apply on your vehicle? Metallic paints
generally are similar as solid paints. However, the difference between the two is that with metallic paints a
small amount metal which is powdered is added. Metallic paints have metal particles present in them, which
pick up as well as reflect light incidents than solid paints. The metal particles in metallic paints are intended
to offer a vehicle an appealing shine appearance that is greater than what their counterpart solid colors offer.
Solid versus Metallic Paint

The most familiar options of solid paints applied on vehicles are red, white, black and blue, which are nocost
usual, solid colors. The solid paints are formulated to contain a less volatile organic compound
concentration and a high resin concentration.

Metallic paint also referred as polychromatic is a kind of paint which is nowadays common in the
automobile sector. This kind of paint can help in revealing the contour of auto bodywork when compared
with solid paint.

Why you should select a Metallic Paint

There are several merits which come with this kind of paint. However, the main reason that makes most
people consider this kind of paint alternative is because of how it appears on the surface of cars. The metal
particles which are added to this paint reflect more light when compared to solid paint. This makes metallic
paint to have the capacity of offering your vehicle a more unique and appealing shine.

The shiny look that this kind of paint provides vehicles with helps in increasing the resale value of the cars
which the paint is applied on. The variation of color associated with metallic paint makes minor damages not
to be easily noticed. Metallic paint offers protection from minor damages and fading brought about by ultra
violet light exposure as they create a more vigorous surface.

Why you should select a Solid Paint

Most car models utilize solid paints, and there are a variety of reasons for this. However, the prime reason
for using solid paint is because not all vehicle owners like the look of metallic paint. Therefore, you should
know that despite metallic paint having the capacity of enhancing the value of a vehicle, finding a purchaser
of the specific cars the paint is used on can be somewhat hard.

Price Comparison between Metallic and Solid Paint

Metallic paints carry a higher price quote when compared with solid paint. This is because using metallic
paint will need multiple coats applied on your vehicle in order to attain the intended effect. However, the
good news about metallic paint is that they can help you hide minor damages. With solid paint, you can
easily encounter visible dents, scratches, and other forms of minor damages.

Bottom Line

When any of these paints i.e. metallic and solid paint is applied accordingly in your vehicle, they will
enhance the appearance of your car by making it attractive. Whichever the paint option you will choose for
your vehicle between the two, ensure the painting work involved is done by a reputable automobile service
provider that promises great services which will match with your taste and needs