Planning a day trip or a weekend getaway during the bucolic New England summer is a pleasure.  No matter if you’re heading into the city, the coast or deep woods, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about getting there.  Here’s a small list of things to make sure you have everything you need to arrive ready to enjoy your trip. getaway

  1. A map: Seems like this might be a little passé but a printed map or a road atlas is not going to rely on your cellphone signal and may even contain more detail than a GPS app you download.
  2. A full sized spare tire: You don’t want to be too far from home on a little donut tire.  With a full sized tire, you can make it safely to the next town or service center without having to go 35 mph.
  3. A compass: Again, seems a bit old school BUT an actual magnetic compass can be a reliable alternative to an electronic one.
  4. Food & Water: We’re not talking about a survival situation, but if you find yourself between destinations and don’t want to have to mess with fast food or a gas station hot dog, then pack a few snacks and some water that can tide you over until your next meal. 
  5. First Aid Kit: Frankly, every car should a first aid kit, but if you’re planning on being away from home for any length of time, then it’s a must have.  Band aids, anti-bacterial salve, and even an extra tube of sunscreen are good things to have just in case.
  6. Ear plugs: No really, ear plugs.  Aside from the jokes about not having to pay attention to the kids/spouse, ear plugs are awesome!  Not all hotels/campsites/concerts are created equal.  Ear plugs could make the difference between an enjoyable rest and no sleep. 

Of course, there are many more things I could list, but this is something to get your started. Happy trails!