Is your ride losing power? Has your get-up-n-go gone? Are you slower than the average senior from Florida? Most people just assume that there’s some sort of mechanical failure – that’s the most common cause. But, there are other, not so obvious reasons you could be sluggin’ along the road.PowerPlay

  1. Fuel Injectors: If your motors starts vibrating, usually in an extraordinary way, it could be poor contact with your injector(s) – If you can clean the injectors yourself, you should. Or, you can have someone do it for you.
  2. Turbo: Turbo engines have come a long way since they were first introduced for passenger cars, but there are still some problems that can occur. Damaged, poorly adjusted, or dirty tube connectors can create a loss of power as well as some valve problems. This is best looked at by a professional.
  3. Air Conditioning: Before the advent of microchip and computers for cars, AC would often rob your engine of power on hot days. Most modern cars are equipped with an ac unit that will temporarily slow the power drain from the AC when you step on the gas.
  4. High Temps: An overloaded cooling system can cause a power loss because the fan is working overtime to make sure your car doesn’t overheat.
  5. Electronics: The more complicated our engines become, the more they are monitored. If your car is equipped with an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) – they can malfunction. They’re basically a fail-safe that detects when a mechanical failure and will power down the engine or stop it all together. A professional is definitely needed for this type of problem.
  6. Catalytic Converter: In addition to a clogged fuel filter, a catalytic converter can be obstructed and block gasses from where they need to go. Another job for the professionals.

These are just SOME of the potential problems that may be occurring if you’re losing power. A hole or leak in your exhaust, problems with aftermarket parts, and alternator and drive belt issues can not only cause you to lose power, but can be damaging to the car.PowerPlay