In order to make your car look like new, a thorough car wash will be needed. However, determining which type of wash to get can be difficult because there are so many options. The most common are soft touch hand wash, and no touch, each of which can help make your car look great. Which of these is right for you? Keep reading to learn more about them.


No Touch Car Wash

This type of car wash is ideal for those who own vehicles that have sensitive finishes, such as classic cars. This is because it doesn’t use brushes to clean the surface of the vehicle. Instead, it uses highly pressurized water as well as soap and other chemicals to get rid of dirt and other impurities from the vehicle surface.


Soft Touch Car Wash

This type of car wash uses soft brushes in addition to pressurized water, soap, and chemicals to clean the surface of a car. It’s ideal for those who don’t have sensitive vehicle exteriors, as the brushes may cause slight damage to the finish. However, it can produce a better clean because of the bristles being able to scrub the surface. If you like this type of wash but want to minimize the risk of damage, then it’s recommended to go to a car wash that uses the newest technology. New brushes tend to be much softer and less damaging than those that are older.


Hand Wash

If you’re looking for a safe and effective way of cleaning your vehicle, then hand washing is an excellent option. This uses soft cloths, soap, water, and muscle power to custom clean every corner of your car. The only downside is the fact that this is more time-consuming than other washing options and is more expensive when done by a professional. Fortunately, both the time and extra cost are worth it for the beautiful results you’ll get no matter what type of finish you have on your car.

Which is Right for You? Soft touch. no touch and hand wash car washes are excellent ways to clean your vehicle. When it comes to selecting which option to go with, it’s best to stick with your individual preference. After all, some people prefer a quick no touch drive-thru while others need a more in-depth clean. However, if you want the option that’s guaranteed to impress you, professional handwashing is the best choice. This is also the safest option for all paint finishes, as the washer can select the detergent and wax based on your specific vehicle.