Exciting new paint trends are taking hold of the automotive industry. It seems that consumers are opting for bolder shades in 2019 and turning away from the neutral colors that have been so popular since 1999. White and black cars have historically been the most sought after, making up 42% of all cars sold worldwide. And while these two shades will likely remain popular, it’s about time the automotive industry added a splash of color.

According to the world’s largest automotive paint supplier, Axalta, “Sahara Bronze” is 2019’s paint color of the year. It’s a light tan shade with hints of orange and plenty of shimmer. You aren’t likely to see many cars sporting this color on the lot, though. Car owners who want this exact shade will have to pay for a custom job at their local paint shop. That’s because Axalta uses this color to provide inspiration for automakers as they come up with their own color selections.

It’s easy to see how the color of the year influenced many of the orange and yellow shades currently on the market, such as BMW’s Sunset Metallic Orange and Audi’s Pulse Orange. If you prefer brighter orange shades, Dodge’s Go Mango and Honda’s Orange Fury are sure to get tons of attention. Feeling really, really brave? Try BMW’s Austin Yellow Metallic, Honda’s Tonic Yellow Pearl or Ford’s School Bus Yellow.

If orange and yellow aren’t quite your style, just go green-literally. Audi’s Kyalami Green, Porsche’s Lizard Green and Chevrolet’s Shock are so bright, they almost glow. Dodge’s dark F8 Green and Toyota’s Army Green make it so easy to blend in with your surroundings. Ford’s Bohai Bay Mint and Toyota’s Radiant Green Mica are so fresh they’ll turn your friend’s green with envy.

Plenty of beautiful blue hues are being offered in 2019 as well. Mercedes’ Sea Blue Metallic is stunning and will make you feel as if you’re standing at the bottom of the ocean. Jeep’s Bikini Metallic is a unique turquoise color that is sure to turn heads. Customers who are looking for bright blue automobiles will like Audi’s Antigua Blue, Land Rover’s Velocity and Porsche’s Miami Blue. If you’re looking for light blue, you’ll want to try Hyundai’s Performance Blue.

Fans of Dodge’s purple muscle cars manufactured in the 60s and 70s are sure to go nuts over Dodge’s latest purple paint color, Plum Crazy. But car buyers from the millennial generation are looking for something unique that will express their individuality. Bright paint is just the beginning. Other options such as racing stripes, rose gold rims, two-tone paint and a variety of interior designs are now standard features on some vehicles.

So many of us are used to seeing all of the black, white and silver cars on the road that we welcome the new color options and can’t wait to see more. If you aren’t quite ready to drive into the new world of bright bold colors, don’t fret. Automakers will still offer traditional paint colors for those who like things in black and white. And when it comes to cars, it’s always good to have plenty of options.