Convertible Weather Yet?

Sometimes, after a few warm days, convertible weather has us jumping the gun on pulling our “summer” car out of storage.  If you’re unfamiliar with the phenomenon of summer cars, let me give you a little background. Winter is tough on cars. The salt, the snow, the sand, the sleet and the rain can take a toll on a car’s finish.  If you own a soft-top convertible, the weight of the snow can also cause some problems if the car is not stored safely.  

Drivers who enjoy the blissful summer months, top down, want to keep the trophy car in beautiful shape. Often, they will buy a “beater” to get them through the not-so-friendly winter months. To preserve their baby for the warmer weather.  The trend is not limited to convertibles either.  People who can afford it will take their prize off the road for at least three months while Mother Nature has her way with New Englanders in winter.  Some people might even forgo a vacation in favor of being able to sometimes pay for storage and have the luxury of a 2nd car for the winter.  Some people are crazy about their cars!  Especially during convertible weather.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Now that there are reminders that it’s not all snow and darkness all the time, the next sign of spring will be the trophy cars spotted on the roads.  You’ll recognize some of them by the very nature of their impractical nature.  An MG rag top roadster has no place on an unplowed side street during the height of winter.  Once you see one of these rare birds rumble down street, you’ll know it’s officially spring.  Anyone who babies a car will be paying close attention to the weather from April 1st until the end of September in order to maximize the wind in their hair.