Your car, for the most part, is an investment.  Granted, it’s one that depreciates, but for the purposes you bought it for, it also pays for itself.  You choose your car based on a variety of reasons: Value, looks, speed, reliability, flexibility and function.  You adhere to a maintenance schedule, you wash and wax it and sometimes you just show it off.  Believe it or not, there are a few more people who’ve invested in your car as well.

The Dealership

While some bristle at the prospect of going to a dealership to buy a car, there are a lot of reasons to buy from a dealership.  The big ones usually invest time and training into their employees so that they’re knowledgeable about the product.  If you’ve ever dealt with an uninformed salesperson, you know how valuable that training is.  Making an informed decision about your investment is so much easier when the person in front of you can answer all your questions. Most dealerships will trade on reputation, so the better your experience is, the more likely you are to recommend them.

The Manufacturer

Manufacturers trade on reputation.  This seems like a no-brainer, but we all remember the Pontiac Aztek; iconic for some, but overall considered an automotive disaster.  Manufacturers spend hundreds of millions of dollars on research & development, focus groups, marketing, safety, efficiency and value.  They’re not just doing it to beat the competition; they’re doing it to create loyal customers.  The better your car runs, looks and hold its value, the more likely you will be back for another of that brand – and tell your friends.

The After-Marketers

Most aftermarket sellers are looking to enhance your ride, either mechanically or physically.  Aside from the ones who are looking to make a quick buck, there are companies that do nothing but research and manufacture products that increase efficiency, speed and reliability.  You can pretty much guess that in addition to making money, they’re also interested in reputation.  The market is absolutely flooded with these businesses, but some do a lot better than others because of the referrals they generate by reputation.

No one is more invested in your auto, but it’s nice to know you’re not the only one who cares about your investment.