Increasingly, manufacturers are putting out cars with more attractive paint colors. Gone are the days of getting a basic paint color or having to wait a bit longer to get that premium finish you want straight from the dealer – or even more of a hassle, having to take it to an aftermarket shop to get the premium look you want. Dealers are adding pearlescent colors, shimmers of iridescence, and even adding a glittery effect to their regular lot lineups. These finishes make the cars look more attractive and distinguished, and also sometimes adds extra to that price tag we worry so much about when we buy our newest road warrior. Glitter in auto paint is added by either adding some metal flake to the paint or by using a metallic paint color. These colors also help your vehicle to shine a bit better and make it glisten in the sunlight when you’re parked outside of your favorite place to show off – be it a bar, a restaurant, or along the side of Telegraph Road in Detroit, Michigan during the Telegraph Cruise weekend. your work truck probably should not be coated in your favorite metallic red.

Metal flake is less common, because it is usually just easier (and less pricey) to get a metallic paint from the start. On top of that, metal flake must be mixed into the paint, which means you might not get a nice, even distribution of that glittery shine like you want.

Metallic paint is basically just regular car paint, but with microscopic pieces of aluminum and other metals added in. This type of finish tends to hold up to the rigors of every day driving better than regular paint, due to the addition of the powdered metal. It makes it harder to scuff or mark because the metal helps provide an extra layer of protection. They also help hide small blemishes and imperfections in your vehicle, and they increase the resale value of your vehicle because metallic finish is still considered a premium option.

However, metallic paint is not without its downfalls. Even though metallic paint hides small marks well, it is harder to repair larger scratches and damages because it is difficult to get an exact match to the colors and shades in metallic paint. In addition, less aftermarket paint manufacturers make metallic colors, which limits your options for getting small damages repaired, and if you have a certain manufacturer you love, there is a chance they might not make the exact color and shade you need to repair your vehicle. There are less color options that come in metallic finish, so you might not get a truly unique finish like you want for your prized trophy car. It also costs more than a standard finish, which means if you are trying to stay within a strict budget you should stay away.

Overall, metallic paint options are great for adding that bit of glitter in your car’s paint. They have their advantages and disadvantages – just like any other automotive finish – but they will definitely add a nice shine to your prize car. Just don’t go painting your work truck in your favorite metallic red – that may not end well for your wallet.