Getting Rid of a Vehicle: Should You Part it Out or Sell it Whole

For some car owners, getting rid of their car isn’t a choice between which dealership to trade it in at. Certain circumstances, such as damage to the body, can instead make the decision much broader. It’s in situations like these that either selling a car whole or parting it out can be viable options. If this is a decision you’re trying to make for your own vehicle, then it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each choice. To help, ask yourself a few of the questions below.

1. Is Your Vehicle Upgraded?

When it comes to upgraded parts, your vehicle may be worth more in parts rather than a whole vehicle. This is especially true if you have luxury parts that are highly desirable to individuals who modify their vehicles. To get an idea of what certain parts are worth, call a local parts dealer and ask what different items are going for.

2. Do You Have the Time or Energy to Part it Out?

If you decide that parting the car out is the right option, then it’s important to think about what a commitment this will be. Do you have the time, tools and energy to take this on? In addition to this, do you have the space to place all of the parts and the rest of the body of the vehicle?

3. Is the Car in Good Shape?

When it comes to selling a vehicle as a whole, it has to have some value for the potential buyer. If it’s not able to be driven or has major damage, then it may not be easy to take off of your hands. There could certainly be a buyer out there who would want it, although finding them could be the major challenge.

Deciding on Your Best Interests

In most situations, you’ll almost always get more money from parting out a vehicle. After all, many people already own vehicles and regularly replace parts in order to keep them running for longer. This means parts are in higher demand and tend to sell for more individually as well. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it takes a lot of time and energy to take a vehicle apart. In addition to this, you must be willing to spend the time to sell the parts online or in-person. If you’re looking for the easiest route rather than the most cost-effective, then selling whole may very well be the best option.

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