Get Your Car Ready for School

In the last minute hustle to gather whatever we need for a back to school season, it’s quite ineluctable to remember servicing the car. Road safety does not entirely depend on your driving skills. How regular you take the vehicle to the mechanic for service contribute tremendously to your overall safety on the road.

With a few days left before the school starts, now is the perfect time to have your car checked. Below is a comprehensive checklist of major components of a vehicle which requires scrutiny and much attention before you hit the road;

1. Brakes

Brakes are a substantial part of every automotive when it comes to safety. Due to friction, most parts of the brakes such as the brake pad tend to wear out and can result to bigger problems if left unattended. According to experts, brake fluid should be changed after every two years, but a regular change can’t hurt either. When you apply the brakes and the peddle reaches the floor, or the wheel makes a screeching noise, you should know it’s time to service them.

Here is a list of what you are supposed to check on the brakes;

– Check the brake pad there should be at least ¼ of material remaining.

– Brake fluid should be at the required level.

– Brake lights should be working.

It is always good to have the brakes inspected by a mechanic as they play a major role when it comes to road safety.

2. Tires

Even with the brakes at their best, with bad tires our effort to ensure a safe ride can be jeopardized. Worn out tires tend to slide thus breaking becomes a problem. Besides, under or over inflated tires don’t wear evenly thus, their life is reduced drastically. Tires can survive for 60,000 miles but mostly they wear out by 48,000 miles due to poor maintenance of pressure and adverse environmental conditions.

Under inflated tires can increase your fuel bill because much engine power is needed to drive the wheel as opposed to well-inflated tires.

3. Oil and fluids

The engine needs oil to lubricate moving parts while the radiator fluid cools the engine. All fluids required should be monitored to ensure your car is in good condition. Here is a list of fluids you should check when preparing your vehicle for a back to school season;

– Oil

– Radiator fluid

– Transmission fluid

– Brake fluid

– Washer fluid

When was your last time to change your car’s oil? Is the oil black and feels coarse? If the answer is yes, then it’s time you change it.

4. Battery

Although the battery is the beginning of the complex electrical system of a car, it requires less maintenance. Cleaning the cables and checking the levels of the electrolyte is enough. You should add the electrolyte to the battery in case the level is below the required level.

5. Lights and wipers

Pragmatically, both contribute significantly to visibility which is a key factor towards ensuring safety on the road. According to experts, wiper blades should be changed once every six months.

To assess the conditions of different types of lights on the vehicle, asking for help from your friends or family can make the process easy and quick. While you’re testing the lights, the person to assist you should stand aside and observe the following lights;

– Headlights

– Brake lights

– Indicators

– hazard lights

If the above emits little light, repairing or replacing them should be your choice.

Dealing with your car especially under pressures can be a daunting experience but having gone through the post, navigating through the whole process should be effortless and quick.

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