Americans have more choices for public transportation than ever before, with most cities expanding on bus lines, train lines, and even subways. All of these can help make it quicker, easier, safer, and cheaper to get around town, whether for work or casual outings. However, even with the many advantages of public transportation, most people choose to drive instead. This is more prominent in America than anywhere else, but why? Americans have had a love affair with driving and cars for as long as they’ve been around, even though it may mean more hassle and money than taking public transit. However, there are some good reasons why so many choose to drive, including:drive over public

1. Scheduling
Sometimes a bus or train schedule isn’t optimal for the times people need to be at work or anywhere else. This results in them having to set their schedule around something else, which a lot of people aren’t willing to do. By owning a car, the driver can simply get in the vehicle and drive to anywhere they need to go.

2. Fewer Hassles
It’s no secret that traffic is one of the biggest drawbacks of driving, especially in busy areas such as Los Angeles. However, delayed or interrupted bus lines can get in the way of an efficient schedule just as much. Not to mention some bus rides can be incredibly long simply because there are so many stops to get through.

3. Features of Vehicles
This is a superficial advantage, but one many drivers are familiar with. They know the feeling of excitement they get when they sit in a car that has comfort features (such as air conditioning) and luxury features (such as seat warmers). This can make any trip all the more comfortable, especially when compared to the stiff seats that are in buses and trains.

4. Privacy
For those who enjoy singing at the top of their lungs or just relaxing in quiet while they are commuting, driving has a lot to offer. Unlike public transit, the driver is able to enjoy a lot of privacy while they are in their own vehicle.

5. Storage
When riding public transportation, you’re very limited with the amount of belongings that can be taken along. For those who need to keep book bags, groceries, or other items with them, a car or truck is ultimately the best option.

6. Leisure of Driving
Of course many people simply drive because they enjoy doing so, especially if they have longer commute times. The fact that gas prices have dropped considerably has helped, making driving much more enjoyable than when it was when gas was at all-time high prices.

Love Affair or Based on Convenience?
No matter what reason Americans choose from driving rather than taking public transit, it’s easy to see that it’s an activity that won’t go away any time soon. However, with the introduction of ride sharing and improvements of public transit facilities in many states, it’s very possible that this may change in the future. For now it’s just an individual choice that many people base on their schedules, budgets, and the convenience of either option.