Lift Kits – If installed properly, lift kits are a great way to get up and over your friends and other drivers. For whatever reason you’ve decided on one, be it cosmetic or functional, make sure to have it done by someone who knows what they’re doing. One minor mistake could end up costing you a whole lot more than just the cost to replace it. Despite how it looks, your vehicle is not invincible. Abuse to a car or truck just because it has a lift kit is going to have the same effect as if you didn’t install one.damaging accessories

Tow hitch – Seems pretty simple, attach a tow hitch to a car or truck and start hauling toys or equipment or whatever you need. First things first, research your car/truck, see what it can handle and then look at the best hitch. Also, it’s a really good idea to have it installed by a professional – usually they’ll come with a guarantee. Finally, do know your limits. An overburdened hitch may not only let loose your trailer but could also cause some frame damage.

Rims – Big rims can definitely look good, but sometimes people go overboard with their choice of wheel sizes. Going from a stock 15-inch wheels to slightly larger and sportier 16-inch ones wouldn’t be much of a problem, however if you start going more than 2 or 3-inches over the manufacturer’s tire size, you may soon run into trouble. If your overall wheel diameter (rim + tire) exceeds what the manufacturer has made room for in the wheel well, the tires can start rubbing against the wheel well liner each time you go through a bump. Plus, you have to note that large diameter rims are usually also wider, and these can grind against the wheel well walls. And larger wheels also make way for another problem – low profile tires

Ultra Low profile tires: Low profile tires are perfectly at home on race cars where cornering grip is paramount over everything else. But going really low profile on road cars can cause serious problems. Low profile tires have very rigid side walls and hence offer very little flexibility. Unless you’re on the race track, where you want your car’s tires to flex as little as possible under immense cornering forces,you’re in for a very hard ride. It’s not just a question of comfort level, a less pliant tire will transmit more forces to the car’s suspension, adding significantly more wear and tear to the various suspension components.

Customizing your vehicle. Adding a body kit or exhaust system can personalize a vehicle, but will reduce the pool of buyers interested in purchasing it when you’re ready to move on. Even worse, aftermarket mods and accessories can interfere with and may even void car’s warranty. An improperly installed accessory may even damage paint, frame or interfere with the operation of your vehicle. Above all, car owners concerned with retaining value should steer clear of add-ons that alter powertrain or safety equipment. Read more about various power customizations here.damaging accessories