Has the cold winter weather got you down? If you’re planning a road trip to somewhere warmer and where you can walk outside without 10 layers, then you’ll need to prepare with the proper supplies. After all, what good is a road trip if the car isn’t prepared with all you’ll need to get to the warmer climate? To help make sure you have everything you need, don’t forget to pack the items below..winter road trip

1. Comfortable Shoes

While the cold weather where you’re driving from might urge you to put boots on, those likely won’t be comfortable when you’re in the car (especially as the weather warms up). Instead, try to wear comfortable slippers or tennis shoes that you can take on and off with ease.

2. Emergency Kit

Even if the weather in your destination is nice rather than covered in snow and ice, it’s important to have a kit together in case something goes wrong. This should include a phone charger, first-aid kit, jumper cables, flashlight, flares, and tools needed to change a tire.

3. Water and Food

Snacks and water are essential to have for a road trip, even if there will be convenience stores along the way. With the items you have in the car, you’ll be able to get through long stretches of road they may not have anywhere to stop and grab something to eat.

4. Change of Clothes

There’s no denying that in winter climates you’ll need warm pants, a sweater, gloves, and any other clothing items needed to keep you warm. Due to the fact that you won’t need these once you get to the warmer destination, you should bring a change of clothes with you in the front of the car. With these readily available you’ll be able to change once you notice a warmer temperature.

5. Source of Music/Entertainment

Whether you’re the type who likes to listen to an audio book, blast the music, or talk to the passengers you’re with, it’s important to make sure the entertainment you prefer is readily available in your vehicle. Of course if you’re using external devices, such as phones or tablets, don’t forget to bring a car charger as well.

6. Sun Blockers

Last but not least, don’t forget to pack your car with a sun shade as well as shades for your own eyes. While the sunglasses will make it more comfortable to drive when the sun is bright, the car sun shade will help block out heat when you park at a rest stop or restaurant..winter road trip