Sunroofs, the part of the vehicle allowing light and/or air inside via the roof, have been a part of cars since the early days of the automobile’s history. There are many different types of sun roofs, each with their own functions and benefits – but all sun-roofs are a great style statement in themselves.

Having a sunroof can making riding in a vehicle much more agreeable by allowing a direct flow of natural light and air inside and are a fun way to enjoy pleasant weather. No more miniature windstorms due to keeping the windows down!

Nowadays, plenty of different cars across many different price ranges and niches have the option of including a sunroof. The challenge instead is determining what style of sunroof best suits you and your needs.

Sunroofs vs Moonroofs
While some people use the two terms interchanging, the titles of sunroof and moonroof can actually indicate the level of light that gets let into the vehicle. A sunroof is a retractable roof panel, letting in air and light into the vehicle; they are often made of an opaque tinted material. On the other hand, a moonroof is fully glass, thus letting in light even when closed.

Many car manufacturers are now creating hybrid options – offering a glass retractable panel but with an electric sunshade to keep out any unwanted bright light.

Popular Sunroof Designs
There also various different types of sunroofs in regards to their construction, with the four most popular being the built-in, the spoiler, the pop-up, and the panoramic designs.

1. Built-in
The classic design, a built-in sunroof features the popular style of the sunroof panel sliding out of view, inside the roof of the car. This enables great opened space but is only possible on larger vehicles.

2. Spoiler
Similar to the built-in design, a spoiler sunroof has a mechanism in which the sunroof slides on top of the roof (instead of inside).

3. Pop-up
The pop-up sunroof is the least inexpensive of all sunroof designs. The roof panel is opened and closed manually using a liver hatch, although older models may have a rotary crack mechanism, and tilts slightly to allow a vent of air inside the passenger area of the car. For some vehicle designs, these panels are completely removable.

4. Panoramic
This style is becoming more and more common on newer car models; panoramic moonroofs have several glass panels covering a large proportion of the entire roof, with the option of opening the most forward panel. While more expensive than other varieties, this is sure to elevate your experience. If you’re driving on a clear night, this design is sure to display a great view!