In the auto industry, styles can be slow to change. It’s not surprising, really, there’s a ton of money spent on R&D, focus groups, new tools, etc. This means that very few color changes happen year over year as well. Mercedes used to have a stable of standard colors for their cars including a deep forest green and a beautiful, bright navy blue. Now those colors are a bit muted all based on what’s going on in the industry. Why do so many people want a silver car to match the pavement? So, choices are a custom paint job, and even then some colors are not available, or wait until the colors you actually want come around again<span style=”display:none;”><a href=””>cotes</a></span>.


Now, imagine if you really wanted something out of the ordinary…perhaps a fluorescent? Wonder no more! In the age of customization, companies have started to produce 5 fluorescent base coats; green, yellow, orange, red and pink. According to the manufacturers, they are high quality, easy to use and affordable. So, that custom paint job just got a little more exciting. I know that custom colors and the bright ones have been available for a while, but the key here is affordable.


Picture being able to get the exact color you want and not have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get it done. Race cars and very high-end cars have always been these great colors because the owners could afford the extra cash to make their cars a one-of-a-kind. Car shows have been a laboratory for color experiments and left more than a few viewers wanting more with color. Now you can take your VW and make it Ferrari red or recreate your pick up in fluorescent green with orange trim, but only if you can handle it<span style=”display:none;”>can you handle it<a href=””>RSD</a></span>.